December 19, 2022

Non-boring gift guide for passion-driven entrepreneurs.

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If you have a Passion Entrepreneur in your life, you know they are one. Odds are they drive you insane talking about their business. You probably struggle to see them as much as you would like because they constantly work on new ideas and products.

You likely also struggle to think about what to get them as a gift. You want to get them something that they would enjoy…but it sure seems that all their energy and time is devoted to their business.

And you’re right – it is. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great gift that suits your budget and will also make them insanely happy. Here are some gift ideas for Passion Entrepreneurs in different price brackets. All of the gifts I will be recommending are either things I have and love, things I have personally gifted to some of my friends, or things I have on my wishlist for the next time I have a home base.

*Affiliate links Disclaimer: some of the items in this guide contain affiliate links. This means that If you click on them and purchase something, I might get a small commission at no cost to you.*

Under $25

Price doesn’t determine the thoughtfulness of the gift. If you want to have a small gesture with a friend or family member, or perhaps you are looking for a perfect option for your Secret Santa at the office, here are some options for gifts under $25.

A business mindset book

Yes, I know…groundbreaking! A book is a very classic gift. But I want to give you some ideas about specific book titles that are great for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The first 5 are all huge best-sellers. The sixth one was written by yours truly. If I am being honest I do feel quite absurd putting my book next to all of these masterpieces, but I truly believe is an easy-to-read and useful guide for anyone looking to start a business out of passion.

Stationary for mindful productivity.

Everyone loves pretty stationary…right? Or is that just me?

Diaries, journals, and planners are also a very classic gift for entrepreneurs. But here’s the thing, it’s also one of the things they love buying the most for themselves. So odds are the person you want to buy a gift for already has 3 unopened planners on their bookcase. So you need to find something a bit more special. Here are some ideas.

  • A weekly desk planner : A tear-off pad with space to write the most important plans for the week, as well as take notes and keep track of habits and to-do lists.
  • A gratitude journal: The practice of gratitude can really change your life. A gratitude journal makes it super easy to stay mindful of all the beautiful things in your life. This is the one I created. It is really affordable, full of inspirational quotes and fun exercises, and it is designed to last one full year.
  • A habit tracker : Keeping track of our mood and our habits is an excellent way to stay mindful as we go throughout our day. Of not getting lost on the routine. You can find many options for digital habit trackers out there, from free templates, to downloadable sets like this one in my shop. But for gifting you can find beautifully designed physical planners and calendars that I think will make a fantastic gift.

Something special for their home desk.

Our environment affects our mood and our productivity more than we realize. A small “decorative” item might seem like a simple gift. But, in reality, you might also be gifting some peace of mind.

A good idea is for example, a small plant. Walk down to your local flower shop and/or pottery studio and pick out a nice succulent, or a snake plant. They are very easy to take care of, and they will make any desk come to life. And if you don’t feel like leaving your home right now, you can find really adorable options on Etsy, like these marbled ones with a golden frame.

Another beautiful idea that would be really affordable would be to print and frame something representative of an important milestone for their business. A picture from where they opened their first store, that news article that feature them, or some of their most viral tweets.

gifts for small business owners and entrepreneurs gift guide present ideas

From 25 to $50

Another sweater? No thank you. I have much better ideas for you to gift to your favorite people.

A voucher for an online course

Every entrepreneur has to be constantly learning and developing new skills. Especially when they start…they are a one-man band! They are the business manager, the web developer, the accountant, the social media manager…They constantly find themselves having to master new skills and doing things they have never done before.

This is why a gift card or a voucher for e-learning is such a good idea. There are so many platforms to choose from, but I am going to recommend you three that I have either personally used myself, or I have gifted courses to people in my life from

  • Domestika : Domestika is an e-learning platform that specializes mainly in creative and artistic skills. You have thousands of courses to choose from. From graphic design, to marketing, to very specialized techniques in all kinds of arts & crafts. If you already know which course they might be interested in, you can purchase it as a gift and have it sent to their email. But if you are not 100% sure, you can always buy a gift card (or a bundle!) and have then select whatever they want. A voucher for one course is $19.99, or you can get a pack of 3 for $37.99
  • Udemy : Udemy is one of the most popular e-learning platforms. They have a very wide variety of themes, but they are best known for their tech-related courses. They do not have the “gift card” option like Domestika, so you would need to know what kind of course the would be interested in.
  • Coursera : While Domestika and Udemy are online courses mainly independent instructors (although Domestika does produce some of their flagship courses), Coursera offers the opportunity to enroll in courses from some of the most reputable Universities in the world. For most of the courses, you have the opportunity of following the curriculum for free, but you won’t get a certification at the end of the course. If you want to actually enroll in the course, do the assignments, and get a diploma, you do have to pay. For example, I completed the course “An introduction to Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing” from Copenhagen Business school, which costs $49 if you want to get the diploma. Coursera also doesn’t have the option for gift cards, I’m afraid, so you would need to purchase a specific course on their behalf.
Gift guide e-learning online course gift guide best online courses

An useful office complement to keep them organized

If your friend is anything like me…they have way too many things on their desk. And it is hard to keep it organized! Luckily, there are some nice options to keep things organized and still beautiful on our desk at work or in our little home office.

For example, this modular metallic desk organizer with space for your pens and stationery, as well as neatly-organized documents. It costs $29.98 and it comes in different colors. I’m personally partial to rose gold.

Another original idea for a productive office is magnetic whiteboard.This was one of the things I like the most about my home office…back when I had one. A magnetic whiteboard is great for brainstorming, for note-taking, and creating mood boards and inspiration panels. This 12″x16″ is $28.99.

A stylish laptop cover and/or bag

Not every entrepreneur has a home office. Some of them (like me!) are always on the go. If your work computer is a laptop, I always recommend investing in a card case and a bag to carry it. I travel a lot, so I need to make sure that my Macbook Air is well protected. I have been using the MOSISO laptop covers for a few years now – I find the quality to be quite good for their price, and they have a very wide range of designs.

If you know the exact laptop model your friend or loved one uses, you can get them a lovely set of cover+bag, like this turquoise one with printed peonies for $36.49. This is the one I have…and I can promise you I get plenty of compliments!

From $50 to $100

You’ll be surprised of how many useful tools and gadgets you can get for $100. There are many options out there, of course, but I recommend trying to find something they will use every day. Here are some examples.

Noise Cancelling headphones

Getting in “the zone” is hard when there are a million different things you could be directing your attention to. Noise Cancelling headphones can be very useful for this. They can help them focus on the most important tasks; wether that is at home, on the train, or in a busy airport.

Noise-canceling headphones can vary a lot in price depending on the brand. You can always go higher, however, I have personally tried these Anker Soundcore Q20 and I found them to be great value for money. They feel very comfortable on the head, and the sound cancellation is surprisingly good for their price point! You can find them at Amazon for $59.99

A Tactile time-tracker:

As a small business owner, you need to wear many hats. this usually means jumping from task to task, from project to project, and it’s not always easy to keep track of how we spend time. There are a lot of apps and Chrome extensions, both paid and free (I personally use the Toggl Track Chrome extension) but sometimes having a tactile physical device helps, and it also makes for a very original and useful gift!

  • Timeular has a very sleek diamond-shape tracker with 8 sides for all your activities, and it retails for $69. The tracker includes a 2month membership for their time-tracker software but after that I am afraid they will have to purchase a membership. Their most affordable package starts at $9/month.
  • Timeflip has a similar device, a 12-side cube that you can flip when you change tasks. The TimeFlip2 is a bit more affordable than Timeular, with their Freelancer cube selling at $59. Plus, their apps (mobile and desktop) are free! So no hidden costs for the person you are gifting it to.

A light box for product photography

If the person you are hoping to surprise has a small shop, coffee shop, restaurant…basically any kind of business where product photography would be useful – A light box is a fantastic gift. It is essentially a mini photo-studio, that allows to take perfectly lit pictures of their products that they can then use for their website, their social media,or their online store.

The prices vary depending on the size and the features, and they can go from less than $20 to more than $200. I would recommend you to get one with adjustable lighting and different colored backdrops. For example this one from DUCLUS. The 16″ is $64.99 and the 12″ is $39.99.

From $100 to $300

Now we’re cooking with fire. Sounds like you are looking for a gift for someone you really care about, so I am assuming you know them well. This should allow you to get a bit more specific and find something that will really make their life much easier.

An adjustable standing desk.

When you run your own business, you spend so much time at your desk. Sitting for such a long time can have a terrible effect on your back, neck, and legs. A standing desk is a good option for those looking to spend a little less time sitting. But it gets better – for perhaps less than you think, you can gift them with an adjustable desk, with controls that you can use to increase or decrease the height of the desk.

The FLEXISPOT comes in different colors and dimensions, suitable to fit any dream office. As you may or may not know, I have been location independent since 2018, so I don’t really have an “office”. But believe me, if I ever do settle down somewhere, this will be one of the first investments I make.

gift for small business owner adjustable desk

A yearly subscription to Canva Pro

Canva is the go-to graphic design tool for non-designers, and it has become an absolute staple for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Thanks to its thousands of templates, graphics, and pictures, it makes content creation incredibly simple…and fun.

Most Small Business owners get by with the free version. However, for just $109 you can gift them a yearly subscription to Canva Pro, which gives them access to millions of graphic assets, as well as other benefits like magic resize or the possibility of having their brand Kit.

A voucher for a Massage or a Spa Day.

Do you know what an entrepreneur needs more than anything? A friggin’ break! Yes, they are likely incredibly passionate about what they do, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t disconnect every once in a while. It’s possible they do need a little push (because they can feel guilty about it…) so this is the perfect occasion to nudge them in the direction of relaxation.

Talk to your local salon, spa, or massage parlor, and ask them about gift vouchers. I’m sure they will love it!

gift for small business owners spa day massage voucher

Over $300

Look at you all generous! Looks like you are looking for a gift for someone really special. If you are in the position of spending a bit more, you can really gift them something that will make a huge difference in their business and their lives.

A weekend away

I am going to say it again. When we are passionate and dedicated about our business, it can take center and front in our lives to the point where we forget to take care of ourselves. If you want to do something really special for then, why not planning a weekend trip? I am sure they can use a break, and they will appreciate someone else making the decisions for them (for once).

You can plan everything yourself, work with a travel consultant or agency, or if you are based in Europe you will also find options for “experience” gift boxes like Smartbox or Prezzybox. These boxes allow you to gift them for example a gourmet experience, or a weekend getaway – but they get to choose where and when to go.

gift for small business owner weekend getwaway holiday

Hire an expert

Small business owners tend to be extremely budget-conscious, so they are usually inclined to do everything by themselves. Unfortunately this also means that they might end up spending more time and money than they would have needed in a certain task or project. This oftentimes has a negative effect on their confidence and their emotional wellbeing.

Hiring an expert to support them with a specific area of their business, even if it’s just for a few sessions, might save them days, hundreds of dollars, and plenty of unnecessary headaches. Which expert to hire is a good (and not particularly easy) question, and it will depend on the kind of business they are running, the stage the business might be in, and their own skills (and lack thereof). Here are some ideas :

  • A communication expert might be able to audit their website and digital channels and help them optimize their copyrighting for their ideal audience and their goals. I can recommend Mona Jensen at Something Green for this, particularly if their business is sustainability-related.
  • If their work is client-facing, a session with a personal stylist can be really useful. They can learn how to build outfits in a way that compliments their features and body type, which will build confidence and self esteem. They can also learn how to use different styles to present themselves in the way they want to be perceived. I recommend my dear friend Silke Styles for this. She is based in Dubai, but she offers worldwide consultations via video conference.
  • A VA (Virtual Assistant) can be incredible useful for a small business owner. Of course, in an ideal world, they would have one helping them every day, but you’ll be surprised what a week’s worth of work of a specialized VA can do for a small business. A tech VA can optimize their website, build them an online store, and/or set up integrations that will make their life so much easier. A business management VA can help them get their accounting in check, and build tools and templates that they can use to stay on top of their financials. A marketing VA can help them build a social media and content strategy and calendar for the rest of the year. To find the perfect match I recommend Hannah Dixon’s Va-matching service. She has trained thousands of VAs and her talent pool is hard to match.
  • If they are going through a rough patch in their journey, a business coach or mentor might be the ideal choice. When we start our own business we tend to have the feeling that we need to pull through by ourselves, but this is not true. Everyone needs help sometimes, and when what’s struggling is the business, an expert in business strategy might be the right person to help. I work personally with creative and passion-driven entrepreneurs to help them build the strategies they need for the business they want. My favorite way to work with them is through the strategic mentorship program, but I also offer individual consulting sessions ($75 for 1h and $100 for 900 minutes) and a 10h session voucher for $600. If you think this can be helpful, the best option is to contact me directly.
gifts for entrepreneurs small business owners hire an expert

Completely FREE

If you want to show you care, but you are short on funds this year (hey, I get it. we’ve all been there), the good news is that there is so much you can do to help a small business owner that would be completely free.

  • Write a nice review of their business in Google Maps, Tripadvisor, or any other platform where they might be featured. If you can, add some photos too! This will make your comment stand out and please the algorithm.
  • If their website has a “social proof” segment, or if their products are listed on a website where you can rate them, take a little time to give them some 5 stars reviews so you can help other shoppers find their products.
  • Like, comment, save, and share their content on social media. Not only would you help more people discover their business, but you would tell the algorithm that their content is cool, so they’ll show it to more people.
  • If they have a newsletter – subscribe to it! And when you receive the email, open it. Even if you don’t read through what they wrote. All of this helps slowly increase the ranking of their website.
  • Make a “coupon book” for small things you can for them to help them out: an evening babysitting, a home-cooked meal, or a drive next time they need to go and buy supplies.

And remember,

The best gift is your support.

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly doubting ourselves. Running a business is hard. It can constantly feel like we are swimming upstream, that we are putting all this effort in and nobody notices. If you do notice them, let them know! Reach out and compliment them, say you’re thinking about them, support their business whenever you can.

I promise you they will not forget about it.

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