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Let me tell you a bit about myself.

From a very young age I have had problems accepting the way things they were, and I kept questioning "why?" if I could not understand them. I kept this attitude all my life, and it helped me realise something. Very often we do things on a certain way (in work and in life), not because it's the best way to do it, but just because this is what we are used to. 

How often do we adopt solutions that don't fit the problem? How many times do we maintain products, systems and protocols when they are no longer useful?

I saw this every day inside the companies I was working on, and it would drive me nuts. This is why I decided to take a step back from the traditional corporate environment and focus my efforts on what I enjoy the most, and I excel the most at : breaking things apart and making them better.


Innovation is a creative process.

I have always been a bit in between creative and rational thinking.  I am trained in Arts and Design, and started my career as a fashion designer.  However, I have also always been interested in science, culture and technology. This developed into an obsession with consumer behaviour, and led me to study consumer applied psychology and neuroscience.

I believe is the marriage of both creativity and rational science-based thinking that makes up for the best brand-building and innovation strategies. You need the first one to find ground-breaking ideas, and the second to turn those ideas into plans.




No BS - guaranteed.


I have the upmost respect for both your time and mine.


Hence, I don't beat around the bush, and I won't ever send a proposal for a service I don't think you need.

I'm not here to tell you what you want to hear, but to show you what you need to know to get where you want to go.


I help build brands and products that not only resonate with the current scenario, but have the capacity to evolve with the ever-changing culture and markets.

This means I am constantly researching and learning. This also means I don't think we can consider any decision as final. Innovation is a continuous process.

If you are looking for a "forever fix" - I'm sorry. I don't believe in those.


I don´t work "for" my clients; I work with them

I believe building horizontal and symbiotic relationships is the best way for information and ideas to flow.

In the same spirit, I don't have a static team. I instead work with a wide network of creatives and specialists. This allows me to ensure we always put together the best team for the job.

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