Innovation &  Digital Transformation


Innovation is a continuous process

However, sometimes it requires to take a step back and see the business from a different perspective. 

This is why, when looking to update your brand, product or processes, is a good idea to look for help from outside your organisation. Oftentimes we get lost in the day-to-day routine, which can limit our creative thinking, making it harder to come up with truly innovative solutions. 

Working together with an innovation consultant allows you to bring in the talent you need exactly when you need it, without requiring you to increase your team. Think of me like a "Mary Poppins" of sorts for your business. I come in , I help you find the solutions you need, and once we do I´ll be on my way. 

Working with companies of different segments, sizes and markets also allows me to keep continuously learning in order to offer the best possible service for my clients. 

My main strength is brand building and consumer behaviour, which I also apply to innovation consulting on the following areas :

it takes a village

Mentoring for start-ups

One of my favourite things to do is working with emerging start-ups and entrepreneurs during their early stages. From due diligence, to pitch-deck and brand profiling, to crafting MVPs that are perfect for both their solution and their audience.

I have worked in several start-ups (including my own), and since 2021 I am an active mentor for Startup Bootcamp Fashiontech in Milan.

If you have an amazing idea that you are working on, but find wondering if it might be too much for you - get in touch. 


Product management consulting

The needs and wants of the consumer are constantly changing. Fast. 

The companies that fail to adapt their products and their communication to the changing market won´t be able to compete with the ever-growing competition. 

Are you seeing your sales declining recently? Have you noticed your usual marketing and promotion strategies no longer work? Do you struggle to connect with a younger demographic? 

These can be the early signs of an impending disaster. We can work together to find out the satisfaction gap and help you bridge it.


Digital Transformation for traditional businesses.

Wether we like it or not, the world has gone digital. And of course, the 2020 pandemic has done its part in accelerating this process. But for some companies, the move to digital is more complicated than for others. 

Traditional businesses such as healthcare, trades or even small retail business; have a much harder time digitalising their processes. But it doesn´t have to be that way. 

We can help you reach your customer and manage your business online on a way that works for your company and your team. Technology is supposed to make our life easier, and not the other way.

important disclaimer

One size does NOT fit all.

Every company, every product, every brand story is different. And treating them as so is what makes our strategies work. Depending on where you are on your journey, the ideal steps to be taken, the most beneficial exercises to engage in, or even the way we address said exercises may differ.

This is why we do personalised proposals for each customer.  

Everything you need - nothing that doesn´t serve you.

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