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Building a strong brand is one of the most critical steps when starting a business. It will have tremendous impact in the way your product, and your company, are received an understood. 

A powerful branding can add value, generate interest, and build trust. But to do so, this brand needs to be built in on solid strategic principles. A pretty logo is worth nothing if it doesn´t align with the message you are trying to convey, or the interests of the customer the product is directed towards. While many people refer to visual brand identity (logo, color palette, fonts..) as "brand design", from my point of view visual identity is to branding what interior design is to architecture.

It is undeniably important, and it requires a specific set of skills - but it´s probably a good idea to firstly make sure that the foundation is solid and secure.

So, how do we build a show-stopping brand?

I´m glad you asked.

We build a strong, sustainable brand by aligning it with your long-term objectives, as well as the dynamic of the market and the psychological and behavioural profile of your ideal consumer.  

this is what we offer : 

Strategic branding Products.

Branding Audit

Understand who strong is your brand thanks to our branding Audit.

We analyse 30 different points around the different areas that determine the brand strength, identifying the key points of improvements and giving you direction on how to optimise them.

Strategic Brand Sprint

Ideal for existing businesses looking to strengthen their brand.

Through this 3-hour exercise, alike to that made famous by Google in Silicon Valley, your team will be able to turn the abstract idea of your brand into  concrete and solid strategic direction.

Market and competition research

To build a brand that can make an impact, you need to understand the ecosystem it will be existing in.

Analyze your competition, identify satisfaction gaps in the consumer and learn how to position yourself in the most efficient way.

Strategic Brand Profile

A well defined and impactful brand profile is the first step towards a memorable and succesful brand.

By streamlining the principles that sustain your brand, you can make sure that every interaction with your customer is aligned to these principles, causing a clear and powerful impact.

Customer Personas

 Knowing your customer is the best way to understand how to approach, engage and retain them. 

A detailed psychological and behavioural profile of your customer can be an incredibly useful decision-making tool for your business.

Complete brand-building package

Looking for the full package? We´ve got your covered.

We can help you shape your vision and your product into a powerful brand, from beginning to end. 

This package includes all the above points, plus weekly strategy sessions to help you implement these directions into the different areas of your business. From product development, to communications or marketing.

important disclaimer

One size does NOT fit all.

Every company, every product, every brand story is different. And treating them as so is what makes our strategies work. Depending on where you are on your journey, the ideal steps to be taken, the most beneficial exercises to engage in, or even the way we address said exercises may differ.

This is why we do personalised proposals for each customer.  

Everything you need - nothing that doesn´t serve you.

Only after fully understanding where you are right now and where you need to go, will we present you with a proposal.

This proposal will consider both your goals, your timeline and your budget. 

All of our branding products include personalised guidance,  so you can apply the findings from the strategic brand building exercises in the different areas of your business.

This includes both consulting sessions with your team, and written directions and take-aways from each exercise.

Or if you are the hands-on type and just need some guidance, I also offer individual consultancy sessions.

Book a free 20-min virtual coffee chat with me and tell me what you have in mind.

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