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Whether you are a start-up, a small-business owner or a freelancer, a strong brand strategy is critical to build a business model that makes sense in the market and for the market.

3-h branding sprint

Do you already have a brand in place but you feel like is not strong enough? Or perhaps you are just starting your business and need help putting all your ducks in a row.  Maybe you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey and are not so sure of where to start.

Through this 3-hour exercise we will be able to to turn the abstract idea of your brand into  concrete and solid strategic direction.

We offer two different kind of branding sprints : 

The original 3h brand sprint

This Branding Sprint structure was originally ideated by the team at Google Ventures as a way to "get started on your brand".

This Sprint is a great way not only to get started, but also to strengthen the brand - specially if your company has just gone through a period of fast growth.

This 3-hour brand sprint will make sure all the team is on the same boat on what your brand (and company) is meant to stand for and represent, and where is it supposed to go. 

The Compass Branding Sprint

But what if you are not yet ready to start? What if you know you want to start your own business...but that's about it.

I've got you covered.

The Compass Brand Sprint is a variation on the traditional 3h Brand Sprint with exercises designed for those who are in the pre-entrepreneurial stage.  In just 3 hours you will gain clarity on your motivation, your marketable skills, and the best first step forward towards building your dream business.

Starting From


*Plus tax - a 21%VAT tax is applicable to companies and persons in Spain, and individuals in the EU. This price is applicable to one-person companies or individuals within the first year of establishment of the business.

Both versions of the branding sprint include :

  • 45 min consulting intro session. 
  • 3-hour branding sprint. 
  • Recording and full transcript of the session.
  • Report in PDF with the results of the session plus key takeaways and recommended next steps.
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Brand-building strategy

A branding sprint is really useful - but to build a strong brand we need more than 3 hours. 

You need your brand to stand out and convince. In order to do that, you need to have a full understanding of the market you want to exist in, and the behaviour of the consumer you want to target.  If you prefer to do this yourself, you can  use my book The Passion Entrepreneur as a step-by step guide for brand building and complimenting it with a mentorship or consulting package.

But if you don't have the capacity to conduct this research and build the strategy yourself - don't fear - I have you covered.

Market research

To build a brand that can make an impact, you need to understand the ecosystem it will be existing in.

Analyse your competition, identify satisfaction gaps in the consumer and learn how to position yourself in the most efficient way.

Strategic Brand Profile

A well defined and impactful brand profile is the first step towards a memorable and successful brand.

By streamlining the principles that sustain your brand, you can make sure that every interaction with your customer is aligned to these principles, causing a clear and powerful impact.

Customer Profiling.

 Knowing your customer is the best way to understand how to approach, engage and retain them. 

A detailed psychological and behavioural profile of your customer can be an incredibly useful decision-making tool for your business.

Full brand strategy starting from


*Plus tax - a 21%VAT tax is applicable to companies and persons in Spain, and individuals in the EU. This price is applicable to one-person companies or individuals within the first year of establishment of the business. 

** We have discounts available for sustainable and social-impact businesses, to know more get in touch.

The full branding strategy includes :

  • 90 minutes intro consulting session. 
  • Market and competition research, and competition mapping. 
  • Strategic brand profiling including : Mission, Vision, Values, Voice, Purpose and Differentiating Factors.
  • Customer persona profile and journeys.
  • A how-to guide to implement the profile into the business.
  • Two 90 minutes follow-up consulting sessions to be booked within 6 months from the implementation of the strategy.

If you have any questions or think that you might need help with something specific,

important disclaimer

One size does NOT fit all.

Every company, every product, every brand story is different. And treating them as so is what makes our strategies work. Depending on where you are on your journey, the ideal steps to be taken, the most beneficial exercises to engage in, or even the way we address said exercises may differ.

This is why we I do personalised proposals for each customer.  

Everything you need - nothing that doesn't serve you.

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