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The undeniable benefits of mentorship. 

The positive effects of mentorship in early-stage entrepreneurship are undeniable. And it's not a surprise. After all - no one accomplishes anything alone.

As a mentor and a manager of  accelerator programs has helped me see how much value a mentor can bring - but it kept me thinking about all of those entrepreneurs who don't get access to this support.

Not every business is a startup - not every product idea has the growth potential or the novelty that accelerators and investors are looking for. Yet every entrepreneur struggles with the same doubts, fears, and challenges. They would all benefit from the perspective, accountability and support that a dedicated mentor can bring.

70 percent of small business owners that receive mentoring survive for five years or more, double the rate of those who do not receive mentoring. 

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Who is this program for?


The early stages of high-growth ventures are critical. If you are working on a startup idea but need help prioritising tasks, finalising your go-to-market strategy or getting investor-ready this might be for you.

Emerging Brands

Are you a designer or a creator looking to turn your creativity into a powerful brand? I will help you learn the tools you need to treat your passion like a business and build a show-stopping brand.

Small businesses

Not every business is a start-up, and that is OK. If you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, I am here to help you set goals and plans to achieve your dreams. 

the value

What do you get?


Biweekly 1:1 sessions of 60-90 minutes where we will address any area you need support with. From business and growth strategy, to product and pricing architecture or communication plans - think of it as having a COO with over 15 years experience on a freelance basis, for a fraction of the price.


Besides our weekly calls, you are welcome to reach out any time you have a question or need support, as well as share with me any documents you need feedback on. Even when we are not "on the clock", I am still on your team. 

✨ access to my network

I always make as many strategic introductions I can between my mentees and my contacts. I strongly believe in collaboration and co-creation, so I will make sure to broker any connections I think that can be beneficial.

⚡️ advisory board

Businesses with an advisory board are taken more seriously by investors, partners, institutions and even potential clients. With the "Fractional COO" package, you can list me as an advisor on your pitch deck and your company's LinkedIn page, and you can invite me to any meetings with potential investors to represent your brand.


From Strategic Branding workbooks, to profit simulators or content and pitch deck templates - my mentees receive support not only through coaching but also with tools and hands-on support.

startup mentor advisor

Price starting at $300*/month

*price exclusive of VAT tax (applicable only to Spain-based companies). Min duration of 3 months and max. of 6 months. This price is applicable for early-stage, positive-impact businesses. 

Choose the plan that works for you


  • 60min 1:1 sessions every two weeks 
  • Direct line of communication with Adela
  • Focused on you (the founder)
  • Access to my network


  • 90 minutes sessions every two weeks
  • Sessions can be with you or your team (you choose!)
  • Access to personalised tools and resources
  • Add me to your advisory board and board meetings
  • Strategic introductions in your industry

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Check out these testimonials


We met Adela when we were trying to rebrand our business whilst on an accelerator program. Together we rebranded our business, our brand storytelling and re-worked our business model. We retweaked our business model by looking at the business wholistically. What I liked the most was the forthright advice given by Adela, the commitment to ensuring we get it right.

I would recommend her to other business owners who need a mentor or someone to perform an x-ray on their brand

Chigozie Bashua - CEO, The Nut Place

Many helpful insights!

Adela is just so good at seeing the big picture and guiding you through your own thought processes and sometimes thought chaos. She helped me really well in ordering and structuring many of my ideas and thoughts. I came out really knowing how I want to position my brand and now it's just on me to really get it done.

Christin Maschmann - Founder - Nice and Sunny

We were just about to launch as a company so learning more about business insides and marketing in detail were our key points to solve. With marketing, if you want to go fast and further - go together and Adela is proof of this. She'll get detailed search of what you are struggling with and why and then make sure you solve it. She does not only work herself but if she believes another person can help you she'll definitely connect you with them. Definetly would recommend Adela, she is super resourceful and not only that but brings an incredible energy to the table always to keep you positive throughout your entrepreneurship journey. Trust me not everything goes positive in our journeys so her bringing this energy is an incredible plus point that not many other mentors have.

The problem I had was how to approach the personal brand strategy in the field of freelancing. Adela has helped me put words and define what I wanted but did not know how to focus: Mission, vision and values. It has also accompanied me to lose the fear of starting to define the personal brand, since I am a very shy person. I could not have achieved what I have achieved without her help. I have enjoyed many things, of all of them, I would choose three: The experience she has, her closeness, and ease of treatment. All this combined is very powerful. I'd be happy to recommend her services to anyone who needs "that help" defining their personal branding strategy.

Luis Palomero - Freelancer

Absolute amazing mentorship

Adela! You're absolutely the most amazing mentor.

You were able to guide us, and give us great recommendations in a straightforward manner, but without being harsh or judgmental about the things that we had not yet mastered as young first-time entrepreneurs. You were great at simply holding our hands through the process, and providing support when we needed it the most. I recommend Adela to everyone who is pre-launch, or has just launched a company, whether it is service or product based. I will also recommend the mentorship program to anyone who needs a little hand-holding or guidance in their branding.

Olina Schytte - CEO

How we became a "Crisper" brand

Adela rolls up her sleeves to find new creative ways to help you find solutions. We had longer than average honest conversations that explored different aspects of our organization that included strategy, revenue model, strategic marketing, what to look for, and what to avoid. I enjoyed the most her passion. Thanks to her mentoring and expertise, we are focused now! I would recommend Adela to anyone that needs an honest point of view and strategic consulting of your current brand.

Adriana Aristizabal - BESTLOOK RokkCB10 INC

More clarity

I am at a crossroads with my business and had a lot of questions. Adela helped me ask the right questions to see which way I want to go to keep growing my business in a way that feels right for me. Adela shed a light on aspects of my business that I hadn't thought of before. She has a sharp vision and quickly identifies which elements need more work and dedication. She is easy to talk to and is also not afraid to play devils advocate, which is refreshing. I loved that she doesn't push you to grow if that doesn't feel in line with your values. I would recommend Adela to anyone who struggles to have a clear picture of their business and wants to grow in a sustainable way according to their values.

Laura Mendez Asbach - Yoga with Laura Lakshmi

Adela is the greatest startup mentor

Adela's a warm and friendly mentor who you genuinely look forward to meeting every time. She is skilled at providing constructive feedback in a way that harnesses your strengths and helps you gain exponential momentum.

Jessica Kelly - THR3EFOLD
plant 100 trees business mentorship

let's start your forest.

100 trees planted per every mentorship

Sign up for the strategic mentorship program and we will plant 100 trees in your name. You will receive a gift certificate from Ecologi.com and will have access to your own virtual forest to see which trees are being planted, and where they are. 

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