the passion entrepreneur

I see it every day. Novel entrepreneurs putting their heart, mind, and soul into a business they feel extremely personal. Working day and night, devoting every second and every penny. Exhausting and burning out before their brands have had the chance to take off.

But it doesn´t have to be that way. You can beat the mindset roadblocks that torture most Passion Entrepreneurs, shut down your imposter syndrome, learn to play to your strengths and build a rock-solid brand that works for you, and not the other way around.

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passion entrepreneur

In this book I lay down my tried-and-tested methods of strategic branding - starting with the most important thing of them all : the true underlying desires that lead you to start this journey.

In The Passion Entrepreneur you will find actionable advice and exercises to help you align your mind to your ultimate motivation and your brand to your long-term goals. You will learn to identify your most valuable assets, and use them to build a business model that makes your life easier.

I will show you, step-by-step, how to deeply and throughly understand your competition, how to build a show-stopping brand profile and a laser focused consumer persona.

All of these, on an easy-to-read book full of anecdotes, jokes and super-cute illustrations.



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