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Innovation is a continuous process

However, sometimes it requires to take a step back and see the business from a different perspective. 

This is why, when looking to update your company's brand, product or processes, is a good idea to look for help from outside your organisation. Oftentimes we get lost in the day-to-day routine, which can limit our creative thinking, making it harder to come up with truly innovative solutions. 

Open Innovation allows organisations to future-proof their operations by collaborating with external companies and partners, most particularly innovative Startups working on solutions closely related to their industry and their customers' pain points. This helps them drive innovation through collaboration: a synergic relationship between stablished businesses and disruptive Startups.

How does Open Innovation Work?

There are several ways a company may include Open Innovation into their growth strategies,  

Some organisations adopt Open Innovation as a key pillar of their company culture. These tend to prefer to drive the initiatives internally,  having a dedicated full time team lead by a CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) or the COO.

In some cases, the Open Innovation programs are targeted towards a specific challenge or team.  For example : Increasing customer loyalty, improving the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain, or adopting more sustainable practices. In these cases, corporations tend to engage specialised innovation consultants, or partner up with ecosystem builders with experience in the areas they are looking to develop.

But an innovation consultant or an ecosystem builder can also help companies develop their Open Innovation strategy; wether they are looking to do it through an internal practice, or through public programs like Startup Accelerators or Hackatons.

What do I do?

it takes a village

Start-up mentoring and judging

One of my favourite things to do is working with emerging start-ups and entrepreneurs during their early stages. From due diligence, to pitch-deck and brand profiling, to crafting MVPs that are perfect for both their solution and their audience.

In the past years I have had the opportunity to be a part of different international start-up accelerators and contests. I have worked both as a mentor, providing 1:1 guidance to startup founders and leadership teams; as well as a judge, helping choose the companies that would get selected for the programs or the awards.

Africa Business Heroes
Women entrepreneurship for Africa accelerator african startups
Fashion for change accelerator circular fashion sustainability
Desigual Awesome Lab
startup bootcamp fashiontech
seedstars ecosystem builder
plugandplay ecosystembuilder
Astrolabs ecosystem builder


Open Innovation consulting

The needs and wants of the consumer are constantly changing. Fast. 

The companies that fail to adapt their products and their strategies to the changing market won´t be able to compete with the ever-growing competition. 

I support business in building and developing their Open Innovation strategies and programs both as a private consultant and in collaboration with some of the leading ecosystem builders in the planet.


Startup Sourcing - Retail operations & Product development.

One of the most complicated and time-consuming parts of any Open Innovation program is finding the right Startups or brands for your goals. 

I can help you simplify this process with sourcing-as-a-service. We will set specific and concrete goals for your Open Innovation Strategy, and I will identify and assess the best possible Start-ups to help you achieve them. 

important disclaimer

One size does NOT fit all.

Every company, every product, every brand story is different. And treating them as so is what makes strategies work. Depending on where you are on your journey, the ideal steps to be taken, the most beneficial exercises to engage in, or even the way we address said exercises may differ.

This is why you don't see prices on this services page - I do personalised proposals for each customer or partner.  

Everything you need - nothing that doesn´t serve you.

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